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Service to our clients

During the fifteen years I have been acting as Art Commissioner, promoting and marketing art, I have confirm the fact, that many times professionals-art enthusiasts, are very busy immersed in their multiple responsibilities. The hectic pace imposed by modern existence, leaves very little available time to go out, and visit Art Galleries. Such fact presents a great opportunity to serve.


Personal consultation in art for an educated decision:

We are motivated  to be innovative and provide convenience to the art collector community, informing them about the merits of the artists we represent. Instead of having you come to us, we bring our service to you. If you live in Puerto Rico, after browsing our WEBSITE, you can ask us to arrange a personal showing, conveniently,at your location- home or office. In the presentation, you will be able to evaluate the merits of the art works and ask regarding questions.


This is a unique opportunity for me to meet you in person. By visiting your location, I can observe the interior design of your living space and learn about your art preferences.  As a result of the visit I can effectively offer recommendations to you, to acquire art that will enhance the aesthetic value of your living ambiance. Furthermore, by learning your preferences in art; we can keep you informed in terms of merit and valuation, of the best options available for acquisition at that moment or in the future.

We will gladly offer our clients, our knowledge in art. Experience, resultant of  two decades working as Art Commissioner, dedicated to the study, creation and marketing of art . Ask for our consult. Lets meet. You will be able to verify the informative value of our offer. Our visit is free of charge. We do not practice hard sale methods and no obligation from you is required.


René Castillo Ramos Copyright © 2015

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