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Augusto Marín

1921-2011, Santurce,PR


Augusto Marín was destined to become an artist. At twelve years of age he was granted the earliest recognition of his talent. Famous Spanish artist Sanchez Felipe granted him free art lessons to study at his Art Academy were the determined boy started the first steps of his creative journey.

During the time period of 1949 to 1955 he studied drawing, painting and design at the Art Student League in New York City. There, he received his initial high level art education under the tutelage of Harry Stemberg, Iván Olinsky, John Corvino and Reginal Marsh. He furthered his studies in mural painting at the Otis Art Institute of Los Angeles. After he returned to Puerto Rico, he studied polychromatic stained glass design with Arnaldo Maas, during four years. He perfected his take in stained glass technics at Henri Mesterom’s Studio in Holland. In 1983 he completed a specialized curse in stone lithograph at the University of Nostre Dame in Indiana,USA.

Art Professor:

During fifteen years he teached painting and design at the Fine Art School of Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña. Later on, during 1975 to 1987 he became professor of drawing, design and art appreciation at the University of Puerto Rico.

Artistic trajectory:

During his prolific professional career of more than fifty years in fine art, Augusto Marín became a prominent Caribbean artist of the 20th Century. He is recognized in Puerto Rico, as one of the principal exponents of the 50’s Generation. The period of art production in the island, that is considered by experts, as the Golden Age of modern Puerto Rican art. During the expansion of his career Marín mastered the creative execution of: drawing, oil and acrylic painting, stain glass design, architectural mural design, large format painting, art lithograph, silk screen printing, engraving and bronze sculpture.

He participated in more than 60 national and international art exhibitions.

Since the nineteen sixties, his art has been included in the mayor museums of Puerto Rico: Art Museum of PR, Art Museum of Ponce (PR), San Juan Art and History Museum, University of Puerto Rico Anthropology, History and Art Museum. And also in the following important private collections: Banco Popular de Puerto Rico, First bank of PR, Cooperativa de Seguros Múltiples de PR.

His 1959 engraving titled “Cabeza de Cristo was acquired that same year by the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York) and also by the Museum of Modern Art (New York).

Marin’s art is also in private collections abroad in: Monte Carlo, Germany and Japan. Also in the United States:New York, Florida, California, Wyoming and Indiana.

Augusto Marín is Puerto Rico’s most proficient architectural mural creator. Having created some 12 monumental murals, all of which are considered land marks in the island urban landscape.

Sadly our celebrated artist passed away in April of 2011 at the age of 90 years. His life was one very productive in regards to his contribution to Puerto Rico’s and Latino American cultural proposal to the world.

Collaboration and provenance:

The serigraphs and lithographs of Augusto Marín we offer to our clients for acquisition, are the editions of art prints he produced during the last fifteen years of his prolific life. All items I offer are part of the  inventory that I own. They are the product , of the working relationship I sustained with the artist for some 23 years. During those years, I acted as Art Commissioner for the artist, in charge of the production, of some 18 limited editions of his art prints.

All these art prints we offer are in clean condition, with no stains, blemishes or damage. They are in perfect condition to acquire for your Art Collection. 


Text by René Castillo Ramos  

Reproduction denied without author consent Copyright © 2015

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