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Rubén Ríos


Bayamón, PR


Art education:

Rubén Ríos has obtained his art education by formal and self taught means.  Initially, he enrolled at the Art Student League, in Old San Juan. There he studied drawing and painting with Jorge Rechany and celebrated abstract painter Luís Hernandez Crúz. He continued his studies with Hernandez Crúz at the Escuela de Bellas Artes and later on, at the University of Puerto Rico. At the UPR he also completed art studies with professors: John Balossi and Alberto Ortíz Collazo. Finally he was mentored by Augusto Marín, Jorge Rechany and again John Balossi. From these top rated artists, he received, advance instruction in art, at their respective art studios.

Artistic trajectory:

Rios is a member of the group of artist that became recognized in Puerto Rico’s art community since the nineteen seventy’s. At that time, he began his individual exhibitions. One of his projects iniciated during  those years, was an alliance he  formed with friend- artists Ralph De Romero and Peter Gaztambide.  They  showed their art to the public, as a group. This effort produced some memorable art shows. Ríos has exhibited his art in the most prestigious art galleries in his native Puerto Rico and also at international venues in Barcelona-Spain, Paris-France, Valparaiso-Chile, Mexico City-Mexico and Washington DC-USA.

Recognition and succes:

Ríos is a mature and accomplished artist who is rich in talent and imagination. As a result of decades dedicated to the creation of contemporary art he has achieved well deserved recognition from the art community and art collectors. Since the nineteen seventies he has earn his living as a full time artist, creating outstanding art works that have achieved an increasing valuation and standing in the art market.

This artist is a proactive virtuoso who dominates an ample range of artistic disciplines. He has been able to establish a very successful Studio, were he has gathered extensive recourses to service his artistic endeavors. In his Studio he creates: drawing, original medium and large format painting, mural painting, serigraph printing, assembled mixed media-mono types, creates metal and wood sculptures and produces his Giclées in his own facility.

His art has been acquired by important public and private collections in Puerto Rico, such as: the Museo de Arte de Ponce, Oriental Federal Savings Bank, Banco Central Hispano, First Bank of PR, Luís Muñoz Marín-San Juan International Airport, Westin Rio Mar Hotel, Dupont Pharmaceutical Inc., Johnson& Johnson Corp., Smithkline Beecham Pharmaceuticals, Steel and Pipes Inc. V Suarez & Co. and VARP Federal Credit Union.


Rubén Ríos is an expert creator of concept and execution. He relies on a constant actualization of his artistic criteria, to be able to create in contemporary terms. He stands in the “here and now”. The result of his plural artistic resources is his creation of innovative art works. His vision, projects his Caribbean idiosyncrasy. His images are inspired, from a metaphysical perspective, by the laudable imposition of Mother Nature. The living force that he recognizes as the origin of all creation, serves him the inspirational ability to create his own collection of visual jewels. Recently, he has approached marine themes with great visual eloquence and executional excellence. The sea coral, the reef, the profoundest of the ocean and the night sky filled with luminous stars, are some of the classic themes that inspire his artistic vision. In his studio, by means of an assertive use of advanced technics and top quality materials he has been able to create art, with effective meaning for the enjoyment of our eyes and soul.

Ríos is an effective an eloquent creator of monumental format paintings and assembled mixed media. In his exceptional mixed media art works, he gracefully integrates acrylic paint over canvas, encompassing elements of aluminum plates, mahogany wood and other noble materials. These essential elements conforms an integrated concept of artistic relevance. His art is enriched with elegance and beauty. Qualities that are consequently present in his work.


Text by René Castillo Ramos, Reproduction denied without author consent Copyright© 2015

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