René Castillo-Ramos

Art Photographs:

Conceptual images created for exhibition and collection by René Castillo-Ramos.  Creative visual proposals of original photographs taken in color transparencies. Subsecuently Digital manipulated montages combining original text and image visual effects.  High resolution scanning intended to print on permanent quality canvas. Will be produced by clients special order. 

René Castillo Ramos Copyright © 2018

Premonition by René Castillo-Ramos
Imperial Karma by René Castillo -Ramos2010
Money plant, by René Castillo-Ramos2008
Triste ancianidad, 2008
Radiating cloud, 2008
Claustro de soledades, 2008
Última vuelta del depredador
Puente entre hermanos by René Castillo-Ramos, 2008
Unlimited traveler, 2007
Escalinata escapatoria, 2008
Submerged barrier, 2006
Dimensional portal, 2010