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Carlos "Sueños" Ortíz


San Juan, PR

Inicial interest:

Began his activism for the diffusion of Art, as a vehicle to enhance education, while studying at the University of Puerto Rico. Began studying Art formally at the Art Student League and the National Center for the Arts at Old San Juan. His first exhibition titled “Origins I” was presented to the public the year 1975 at the History, Anthropology and Art Museum-Universidad de Puerto Rico.

During his years as a university student’ in accordance with other artists, he organized art exhibitions and seminars in public spaces-“Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastian” and “el Encuentro de las Artes en la Calle Cristo”.

Professional experience at New York:

 After completing his studies in visual arts, anthropology and histrionic arts at UPR in 1978, he emigrated to New York to expand his experiences in art and further his professional career. He landed a working position in NYC at the prestigious Blackburn Printmaking Workshop founded by renowned Master Printer, John Blackburn. At that institution he became Curator of International Exhibitions. Many American and International artists attended the Blackburn Workshop facilities to study and print their works. “Sueños” artistic resources were enriched, by the exchange of knowledge that fruitful environment provided. During the years he lived in New York City, Carlos “Sueños” frequently visited the museums and cultural institutions of the city . His many intellectual interests took him to invest many hours of study at the city libraries.

After the “Blackburn” work experience, “Sueños” worked as Registrator at Museo del Barrio and later as Curator at Ollantay Center for the Arts.

In 1997 after twenty years living and working at NYC he returned to Puerto Rico to carry on his professional career, in art.

Achievements and Awards:

Carlos “Sueños”-Ortíz’s art work, has been showed at well stablished art galleries and art institutions in Puerto Rico ,United States and Internationally abroad. His art is present at the Museo Omar Rayo-Colombia, Museo de Bellas Artes-Caracas,Venezuela, Instituto de Bellas Artes, Mexico DF, Natonal Library of Paris and Museo de Arte de Ponce.

  His work has been honored by many awards: Ateneo Puertorriqueño 1973-78, Revista Sin Nombre 1976,1978,1981 and First Price 1982, Bienal de Maracaibo- 1980, Certamen ESSO Standard Oil-First Price1982, Bienal del Grabado Latinoamericano en SJ,PR (1991) National Endowment for the Arts (1992),New York Foundation for the Arts (1992), and again, in two categories (1997) Arts & Sciences Academy of France -Silver Medal (1995).


Carlos “Sueños” prefers a nonfigurative style to elaborate his vision. His non-narrative images are colorful kinetic presences of the dinamics that occur at the intangible realm that is invisible to the eye’s vision.

His images intent to reflect and express the internal energies of the human been that sustain, the essence of life; to propel us forward, in the evolution of our higher SELF.

Carlos “Sueños” refers to his works as “pintugrafías” a term created by him, to describe his original mixed media-mono types. In his “pintugrafías” he creatively integrates painting and engraving to expand the artistic value to his images. This method permits him to enhance the visual impact of his images, by permitting effects of relief to protrude over the support surface. This additional artistic resource grants three-dimensionality to the artistic image. Adding complexity and drama to the message intended by the artist to convey to the observer.        


Text by René Castillo Ramos, Reproduction denied without author consent Copyright© 2015

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