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Our purpose is simple.  Offer our client’s, high level contemporary art, at advantageous buying prices, in comparison to art galleries prices. Art galleries operate with substantial overhead expenses that impose them to charge a hefty sale commission for their services.


By developing our innovative formula to do business, we have liberated our clients of traditional art sales market impositions. We don’t need to conduct our business by catering visiting clients to a high overhead cost gallery. We don’t spend valuable resources to organize and open expensive art exhibitions to the public, to promote our artists. So we don’t have the need, to pay for full color artists catalogs, invest excessive funds in advertising, or pay monetary commissions to sale representatives. In effect, those costs percentages are ultimately pay by the client when they purchase, in the price markup imposed. Operating without all that cost, does represent a great benefit for our clients. The sale commission we receive is significantly lower than the established art gallery commissions.


We deal directly with our clients either by visiting them and making our art presentations in person or by taking advantage of the resources and conveniences that the WEB provides. In this manner we can reach a greater number of potential clients, and enjoy the liberty to show them the works of the artists we represent, without the imposition of onerous inflated sale prices.


Art galleries establish the sale price of the art work by adding a high percentage commission over the artist’s price. In Puerto Rico’s art market, established art galleries mark up their prices from 45% to 60% over the price the artist will receive for the sale. Our formula significantly differs from that standard. We negotiate and agree our sale commission with the artist to be generated from his end of the price. Our sale commission is a percentage, of the net price the artist will receive for the sale. In other words, we don’t add an additional mark up to the amount of the price that the artist requires for his work. The artist pays us from the net price of the already pre- established price in the art market. This formula innovated by us, alleviates the over charge of sales commissions that has plagued the art market, in detriment of the clients purchase power and offers great opportunity for acquisition.


Offshore clients: For the international clients that come to us by the internet, in this web page, we show them the variety of creations of the artists that we represent and additional art works that we have acquired in the past, from other artists that we personally knew and befriended. We also offer the whole range of the original limited edition art prints that we produced, during our collaboration as Art Commissioner with renowned and celebrated artist Augusto Marín. This is art, is part of our proprietary inventory of collected art works that we have for sale. At the clients request we will contact via internet, telephone phone or text message and define and suggest best options for the client to consider. Focused in the clients preferences will evaluate the possibilities available and recommend the best alternatives to acquire for collection.


A market in flux: The art market is in constant flux. Prices and conditions of art work offered for acquisition change constantly. For an misinformed buyer, this aspect on its own, may affect the possibility to obtain a reasonable price for art. As it is expected, artists favor to price their works as high as they can, to obtain the best profitable profit for their art work. If a client doesn’t know the artists on going established price in the art market; he may offer in excess or under bid a particular art work. This situation can create discomfort between the negotiating parties. In usual circumstances, I don’t know any client that would be willing to pay in excess for an art work. In the other hand, an unreasonably low offer to the artist, can be offensive and the negotiation can be disrupted. There are some advantages to rely in our advisory capacity. In addition to our business agreement, we maintain a close friendship with the artists we represent. This provides a position for negotiation that has been cultivated for a long time. This gives us the means to make them proposals, that may be unsympathetic for others to negotiate. Another advantage is that we are constantly studying the actual condition of the art market. This prepares us to negotiate with the artist and the buyer in real terms. The objective is to obtain the best fair price for the art. We focus to achieve satisfaction to produce a successful deal for all the parties involved. By achieving this goal in the past, we have been able to develop our prestige in the art market and work with clients who come back to us, for repeated business.


We have extensive studies and practical experience for dealing with the dynamics that are specific to Puerto Rico’s art market. Through the years we have developed the criteria to propose correct recommendations to enhance the clients ambiance with art works that not only will be perfectly integrated to the space, but that also will provide an increase validation as the years pass on and the market recovers its healthy level of fruition.

Payment plans: Prices will be revealed upon client’s request once the client has showed his preference as the result of our personal or internet presentation. We offer payment plans that can be agreed to fit the client’s convenience. Within reasonable terms, we are willing to find a feasible way to make our client’s acquisition possible. 


Shipping is free: For all unframed art up to  32'" (larger lenth of art size) by USPS First Class to Puerto Rico and United States. Larger size cost will be estmated and notify. If client prefers, we may ship using the  client provided Federal Express orUPS account . No charge for handling and packaging. Art is shipped loosely rolled in a 4” diameter solid tube container. Art is front covered by a white sheet of paper to avoid scratches and then encapsulated in plastic bubbles. Also inside of the tube, foam is set to protect both ends of art to avoid side shifting during transit. Our shipping packaging practice provides protected arrival of art. 


René Castillo Ramos Copyright © 2015

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