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Peter Gaztambide


Miami, Florida 

Initiative and determination:

Peter Gaztambide's journey started after completing an art course titled “Art for Non-Art students”, imparted by professor Franz Heldner, at Loyola University of the South. This learning experience ignited his decision to dedicate himself to a career in art.

Learning by working :

His initiative and serious interest invested  in art, provided him with valuable learning opportunities . 

During the nineteen sixties he studied and worked with important well stablished artists. He studied poster design and silk screen printing with Eliasim Cruz, drawing, engraving and painting with Admando Rubbo, mono type concept with Wilfredo Labiosa. With John Balossi he studied ink drawing and metal sculpture technics. From Lope Max and Antonio Nava he received the principles to create experimental art. From this array of expert artists specialized fields, he obtained invaluable teachings. A valuable lesson was, to impart his art work with a unquestionable purpose. To have a vision and in accordance, develop the concept and execution.

During the nineteen eighties, he mastered the necessary skills to become a professional silk screen Printer. During those years he befriended and printed Serigraph Editions for a list of well known artists: Francisco Rodón, Carmelo Sobrino, Carlos Ortíz-Sueños, Andy Bueso, Rubén Ríos and Ralph De Romero.

International presence:

In addition to his exhibitions in Puerto Rico, Peter Gaztambide's art work has been showed abroad in: at Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Korea< Japan, Spain and Colombia. Also across the USA in: Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Delaware, New York and of course, in his home state of Florida.

Museums have collected his art:

Gaztambide's art is present in several public and private art collections nationally and abroad. Notable are: Paris National Library-France, Ibero-American Institute-Berlin, National Museum of Modern Art-Tokio, the British Museum of London, the Valencia Museum in Venezuela, the Modern Art Museum in Brazil, the New York City Print Making Workshop,  Arts and Sciences Museum, Daytona-FLA, National Library- at the Dominican Republic, the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture in San Juan and the Museum of History, Anthropology and Art-University of Puerto Rico,  

Awards and Achievents:

His complete first class art education and professional experience, has provided him the necessary foundation to develop his art career. As the result of decades dedicated to creating art, he has been able to establish himself in his own right, as a respected and recognized National and Intercontinental artist.

Peter Gaztambide has received important awards, such as : Award in Painting from the IMC’ s Art Show-Florida. Third price for Serigraph from Lee County Alliance for the Arts Annual Print Exhibition-FL. Prix des Delegations, XXV Salon International Du Val D’or-France, Mention of Honor for Mixed Media, at 1999 Venice Biennal ,Venice Art Center- FL., Mention of Honor for Mixed Media, at the XXVII Salon International Du Val D’or, Meillant-France and Mention of Honor for Mixed Media, at the V Salon International D’Arts Plastiques ACEA’s- Barcelona.


Gaztambides style is very much his own. He has favored a non figurative narrative. His art pieces are expressive abstract riddles. His enigmatic original images are achieved by the effective integration of geometric forms of color and linear drawings that create a kinetic  effect. He combines artistic methods executed over different media, to create integral art works. He favors the creation of original art and mono types in which he combines drawing, torn pieces of recycled paper and fabric, serigraph printing and painting over selected media, to produce exciting art proposals. These plastic elements act as the basic elements to achieve his energetic kinetic visions. "I create dynamic pieces". His proposed consepts escape the obvious decorative expectations and offer us an inspired vision. The visual concept as a whole, exalts  the meaning of the message encrypted in each of his illuminated visions


Text by René Castillo Ramos, Reproduction denied without author consent Copyright© 2015

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