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Augusto Marín- Sculptures

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Exclusive Limited Edition bronze sculptures:


At this time we present a series of collector items originally created by laureate Puerto Rican artist, Augusto Marín.


These unique works of art, are top quality, tridimensional creations. Hand crafted in high quality bronze, by the foundry melting process known as “lost wax”. This method provides all art items to be unique valued multi-originals. They are all mounted over first class marble.


These art sculptures contain intrinsic details of complex realization that add aesthetic beauty to them. They show subtle hues of the patina over the bronze surface. They were molded with crafted volumes of the figure that enhance their special character.   


The availability of these art sculptures is very limited. Every sculpture contains the artist signature, they are numbered and include its’ Certificate of Authenticity and Value.

"Musical machine", Limited Edition,

11" h X 15" w X 7" t,

Bronze over marble, 2008, $8,000.

Frontal view

Reverse view

"Palomas", Limited Edition,

16" h X 12" w X 8" t,

Bronze over marble, 2004, $9,000.

Frontal view
Reverse view

"Ave metálica, Limited Edition, 2010,

12.25" h X 17.5" w X 4" t,

Bronze over marble 10" diameter x 1.75" h


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