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René Castillo-Ramos

Original Drawings:

All drawings are original mixed media creations over acid free support paper. 

Available originals at price quoted .



Media used:

Worked with a selected variety of painting materials in order to enhance the narrative,  artistic value and pictorial richness of each art piece.

Used acrylic paint, water color, color pencil, grease pencil, carbon stick, permanent marker, soft and  oil pastel.  

René Castillo Ramos Copyright © 2018

All these drawings can be transformed to high resolution digital images. They can be modified to a different proportional size of the original dimensions. Limited Editions of series of only 10 prints, to be printed on acid free double weigh art paper or over top quality canvas. We only use  professional grade, high quality permanent ink. Every art is sealed with acrylic varnish. Art is offered unframed.  A Certificate Authenticity and Value is included.

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