Carmelo Fontánez


Rio Piedras, PR


Carmelo Fontánez graduated in 1967 from the Universty of Puerto Rico with an Education Studies BA -Fine Arts Mayor. Four years later, he completed his Master Degree in Art Education from New York University.

Merits and achievements:

Fontánez is Professor by profession and Artist by vocation!

During a prolonged professional career as an art professor and art creator that began in the late sixties, he has distinguished himself in the disciplines of drawing, watercolor and acrylic painting. Fontánez stands in the forefront of Puerto Rico’s cultural landscape. He is respected by his colleagues in the art community. His many contributions to Puerto Rico's cultural landscape are fully recognized.

Fontánez art has received numerous prizes and recognitions from prestigious Art Institutions such as: the Ateneo Puertorriqueño, the University of Puerto Rico, Revista Sin Nombre, and First Bank.

He has also been recognized in various occasions by the International Association of Art Critics, Chapter of PR.

Professional trajectory:

Fontánez returned to Puerto Rico from New York in 1971 after completing his post graduate Master degree and started lecturing as art professor at the University of PR.

He returned with a purpose. He intended to establish new paradigms and actualize the expectations of students and the public about art.

As university professor he has imparted courses at University of Puerto Rico, the Inter-american University, the School of Fine Arts and the Art Student League. Also has offered art seminars at the Museum of Contemporary Art of PR and the Art Museum of Puerto Rico.

During the last 45 years he has maintained an extensive trajectory of exhibitions. His art work has contributed to validate contemporary  art proposals offered by art galleries and art institutions, in Puerto Rico and abroad. He has presented his art internationally in exhibitions celebrated in the United States, Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic. He represented Puerto Rico in the Art Biennial in Habana, Cuba and at the First Biennial of Painting in Santo Domingo.

His art is present in first rate private and public art collections such as: Art Museum of Puerto Rico, Museum of Contemporary Art of PR, Museo de Arte de Ponce, Cooperativa de Seguros Múltiples de PR, Turism Company of PR, Ateneo Puertorriqueño, Banco Popular de Puerto Rico and First Bank of PR.


Carmelo Fontánez’s art, provides us an invitation, to rejoice, in his marvelous visualization of Nature's richness of color and complexity of form. His referral to Nature is not generic but specific. His coloration illustrates the illumination quality that prevails in his subjective sense of the Tropic. Furthermore, it depicts  the luminous imprint that the presence of forest “Caimito”-were he grew up, settled his studio and his home -has nested and prevails in his artistic proposal. His habitat is a magical space that provides his inspiration. An abundant Universe where he thrives as an artist!

His vibrant abstract images are full of chromatic illumination and kinetic forms. They illustrate a dynamic ambiance that vibrates with the force of life. The lyricism contained in his vision, is the vehicle of a conscientious irregular  rhythm, that is unequivocally up lifting. His visually poetic allusions of Nature’s complexity, are incidentals factors; offering a proposal of sensual implications, that ignite our sensibility. By the masterly use of two of the  most fundamental plastic resources –color and form-he successfully achieves a memorable profound effect in the observer. Color is profound in the measure that it effectively incites us to reflect within ourselves. It seems that by focusing in depicting the virtues of Mother Nature, the artist has been able to grasp for himself, the meaning of life’s creation.     


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